New York based jewelry designer Gillian Steinhardt celebrates the hunter and gatherer: the woman who sifts, unearths, and collections modern and vintage treasures alike. Steinhardt's namesake line combines precious and semi-precious materials, uniting old-world elegance and modern-day artistry. Inspired by a lifetime of extensive traveling, her jewelry tells a story of curiously digging through marketplaces, souks, grand bazaars and hidden storefronts on a quest to find heirlooms, rarities and keepsakes. Her designs evoke the interplay of walking through ancient cities, looking up to see sleek and contemporary constructions, while the ground beneath one's feet is littered with the fragments of history.

Size Chart
 Ring Size  Diameter Circumference
4 14.88 mm 46.80 mm
15.70 mm
49.30 mm
6 16.51 mm 51.90 mm
7 17.32 mm 54.40 mm
8 18.14 mm 57.00 mm
9 18.95 mm 59.50 mm
10 19.76 mm 62.10 mm