Hadrian Brooch

In honor of the composer, Rufus Wainwright, whose go-to piece of jewelry is the brooch, the Hadrain brooch is designed using the very common Roman motif of laurels surrounding the ancient Roman coin with the image of a young man.  Garnets which were very popular gemstones in that era are utilized here for a strong central detail enhancing the color contrast of the gold with the antique coin.

Material:  bronze, oxidized sterling silver coin, garnet

Finish:  18K matte gold plating


Size Guide

Size Chart
 Ring Size  Diameter Circumference
4 14.88 mm 46.80 mm
15.70 mm
49.30 mm
6 16.51 mm 51.90 mm
7 17.32 mm 54.40 mm
8 18.14 mm 57.00 mm
9 18.95 mm 59.50 mm
10 19.76 mm 62.10 mm